Marketing your Business with Print for Great Results

Marketing and promotion is no easy business; there are literally thousands of companies out there who are all competing against each other to offer their product, service or events to the public – and not everybody can win, there are winners and there are losers.

In order to be a winner, you need to have marketing materials and campaigns that can do their job effectively, and by this I mean that they should be able to stand out from all of the other materials out there, and perhaps even more importantly, they should be memorable designs! You need both of these elements in your materials in order to stand a chance of success.

If your design does a good job at grabbing attention, but it’s not memorable, then people are going to forget about whatever they read, regardless of how attention grabbing it was, and if your design is memorable but nobody is picking it up to read it due to its lack of ability to attract attention and stand up, then they’re never going to see the information contained within your materials.

I’ve found a bunch of creative examples of print marketing which all have something a little different and unique. These should give you some good ideas of your own to incorporate into your own works.

When it comes time to print, I recommend Next Day Flyers, they can print postcards, business cards, flyers, calendars, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, stickers, stationary and everything else you could imagine to help you promote and market your business using print.

Next Day Flyers are my printing company of choice for a few reasons; the first being the quality at which they print their work, and the quality of the materials they use – it’s second to none, ensuring that your marketing materials are printed in the highest quality. The second reason I always use NDF is the speed at which they deliver your order, if you order early enough in the day, you can pick your order up the very same day! In most other cases you can have your products delivered to you the very next day, unlike other companies which can take a week or two to get your prints to you. But, the main reason I use NDF is due to their quality check process – they basically eliminate the possibility of your materials being printed with marginal or other print errors.

If you’re not using NDF and you have your own printing company in mind, then I highly recommend you ensure they have a quality check process in place, otherwise you could be disappointed when your materials arrive through the post.

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