Increase Sales Through Chat On The Site

Increase Sales Through Chat

Online chats have become an integral part of the shopping experience of many e-commerce sites, but not just that. Many researches indicate that real-time interaction with users can also greatly increase conversions. Here are some tips if you are intent on starting the chat on your project.

First, let’s say that starting an online chat is not just installing a plug-in on Magento or PrestaShop (in fact, I will not make a name for it) and commission the bad guy who has “more time at this time”.

Managing an online chat requires knowledge of the products and services offered a good dialectics, quick responses but also attentive assessments and patience. But let’s see some quick tips to optimize the management of your online chat.

Increase Sales Through Chat
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1. Know your business well

This is a key point and cannot be underestimated! More than anything, if you want to entertain a conversation that culminates with the user who makes an order, who’s on the other side is expecting you to know the dead life and miracles of your business. You need to know what services or products you offer, what are the prices and what are the best conditions for your specific needs.

2. Understand Customers

The sale of products, as well as services, requires that customers understand as much as possible. In the context of the online sale you need to understand what the visitor moves to your page, what are the most attractive pages, such as the reference ones and the most relevant keywords.

If you are running an online store, you must pay particular attention to the abandonment of the carriage and try to understand what the reasons for this phenomenon are. So if you are chatting with your customers (or potential ones), try to throw them some “open” questions that are not just for sale. You could get a much better value than the sale.

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Increase Sales Through Chat
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3. Choose the right time to start a chat

Not all visitors are the same. Some of them are just browsing for curiosity, some are in the process of comparing while others are ready to buy, but maybe they still have no clear ideas.

When and if you decide to send the invitation to a chat, do not send it to anyone on your site, just because it’s been there for a few minutes. If your chatting system you chose offers it, use the monitoring capabilities and only target a well-defined client target, but maximize your efforts.

For example, let’s take a person on a particular page that has been produced for some time, but has not clicked on the “buy” button yet … here is the right person who has high chances of converting and with which to start a chat.

4. Do not be too pressy

Take the initiative and be pro-active so it’s fine, but exaggerating might just be the opposite. Because of the very nature of the chat, we do not have the ability to see the user face or interpret the language of the body. Therefore, those who are in charge of chat support must be very responsive to the users’ responses.

For example, if you ask a kindly question like “Good morning, need help or more information” on the other hand to reign the frost, it is better to withdraw from the conversation without insisting. The chat will still be active and maybe later the user will be alive.

To conclude, we can say that ending an online negotiation is not a matter of luck, or occult practice, but a clever mix of actions, strategies, data analysis, and why not an online chat properly.

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