How to sell a product: 6 Steps if you have no experience in sales

how to sell a product

Nobody is born learned, so it is normal that you do not know how to sell a product. Everything has a process, a beginning.

If you think about it, what you like to read, the music you listen to, your work, where you live, your favorite food, what you wear … well, everything! Everything that surrounds us was, at some point, a simple idea; a moment of inspiration.

Someone with an idea, who had the courage to transform it, learn how to sell a product, and go out and make their dreams come true.

Regardless of what your idea is, before thinking about how to sell a product, you must first know how to present that idea, product or service. That is, you must know how to present your business idea.

How to sell a product if you do not have the minimum sales

Think that we are currently constantly bombarded by advertising ads that we are trying to persuade to buy.

So, if you want to learn how to sell a product, you’ll have to do it in a different way.

You will have to do it in an original way and get the attention of the consumer. So if you have no experience, here are 6 steps to learn how to sell a product or service.

1. Put a price on your product:

Before launching yourself to the market you must study what price to put on your products or services. For this, the recommended thing is to analyze the competition, see what prices they have in relation to what they sell, and see what promotions usually apply and when.

how to sell a productIt is important to know both the base price and the discounts they make in order to apply your similar or better ones.

To achieve this, we recommend doing a continuous benchmarking (that is, doing an analysis of your competence). For example, subscribe to your competitors’ databases or newsletters to see what promotional actions they do, for example.

Remember that learning how to sell a product at the beginning is to identify strategies and techniques of your competitors, see which you can apply in your business and adapt them to your goals. Continue reading: How to create a t-shirt business at home step by step

2. Sell without selling:

If the consumer perceives that he is being targeted for a sale, he will surely back off. That’s why the main thing is to show the customer that it’s important to you and that you want him to be satisfied with what he bought.

To achieve it: help him in everything he needs and have a very good communication with him. If you give your consumers confidence when it comes to solving all your doubts and you manage to create a good climate, surely you have a better sales opportunity.

3. Be honest:

Surely you can close a sale with “a lie” but not only lose that future client, but you will lose hundreds more and lose reputation. Remember, the first impression lasts for many years, be it good or bad.

Faced with a bad experience, that consumer will share their situation with friends, family and that can have a very negative viral effect for your business.

How to sell a product successfully is to understand that it is not a transaction, but a long-term relationship, where you must offer the greatest possible amount of value to your customers.

4. Use social networks to let you know:

Social networks are perfect for advertising at a low cost and getting results. It can be the perfect way to let you know and begin to know what you sell.

how to sell a productRemember to analyze well what social network is the best according to your audience (if Facebook is better or if Instagram is better, for example – taking into account the age of your audience and their interests).

You can also consider advertising in search engines (if you have a larger budget), as well as organic positioning.

5. Use the wishes when advertising:

Resorting to desires and not needs is advice that can allow you to sell much more. Remember, we all want to learn how to be happy.

A need is a need that is not bought if you do not have a wish. The desires are much more impulsive.

So, one of the keys to learning how to sell a product is to show in your advertising a wish fulfilled, something with which the consumer is reflected and wants to achieve.

6. Always offer a customer service:

All customers have doubts, they need to solve all their thoughts before buying. That is why it is important to offer them that service. They will feel with his peace of mind before making the purchase and after it.

how to sell a productBeyond this, there is no universal rule on “how to sell a product”. However, always remember to keep your consumer in mind, that you know perfectly their needs, desires, and intentions.

The latter is what will really help you connect with him and achieve higher sales and, therefore, higher revenues.

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