How to get professional credit for your business?

professional credit

To finance real estate, investments or business resumption, the entrepreneur may have to subscribe a professional credit. What is the response time he expects from the bank?

Here we write some tips for professional credit

  • An agreement under certain guarantees
  • Submit a complete file
  • Easier and faster access

We explain now details for your professional credit

An agreement under certain guarantees

For a business loan, the bank takes two or even three weeks before giving an agreement in principle. You should know that if you offer him the opportunity to acquire another client, the bank must ensure several points.

professional creditIn the case of a loan intended to finance a company creation or a business takeover, the viability of the project is analyzed. Many committees have to examine your loan file. They consider all the guarantees that the agency has to be reimbursed before any final agreement. Continue read us Easy and Effective Ways to Build Credit for Your New Business

Submit a complete file

For an application for professional credit, you have to pass a preliminary interview with an adviser representing the bank. This one examines your qualities of an entrepreneur, your file of pro financing and remains attentive to all information which allows him to make a first impression of your project.

Once convinced of the viability of this one, it has the task of presenting your request to the decision-makers of the bank. A poorly written file, lacking information, asks the advisor for more time to analyze it. And shifts its transmission to the decision-maker.

Easier and faster access

professional creditHowever, since 2010, banks have announced their willingness to allow greater transparency in the processing of applications for credit professionals. Faced with entrepreneurs’ concerns about access to credit and waiting times, the US banking federation promised to shorten the response time. New offers have also been put in place since in favor of small businesses. Subject to a complete file, the banks undertook to respond to businesses within eight days for their application for professional credit.


In conclusion, to obtain a pro-credit quickly, you must make sure to file a complete file in the bank. This file contains the data relating to the company (statutes, commercial lease, KBIS, …) but also the information relating to the partners (identity document, tax notice, account statements, …). these are often forgotten in the files transmitted to the bank.

In addition, other actors or fintech make it possible to obtain financing more quickly. This is particularly the case for crowdlending platforms whose deadlines can be only 2 weeks between the filing of the file and the actual release of funds.

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