Facebook for Business: Organic Balance and Sponsorships


Facebook is one of the most popular and well-known social platform. How to use it best to promote your business?

An account is to use Facebook for yourself, to share thoughts and photos with your friends, from your personal profile; another is to use it to manage your business image. Given the ease of use it may seem just as easy to use it for your company, but that’s not so.

First of all, we make a divergent distinction between the editorial management of the page and an advertising management on Facebook.

Establish an editorial line to manage your business image

Can anyone manage the corporate Facebook page? Yes and No!

Managing it personally makes sense if the activity is small, with a strong impression on the customization of the services. For example, a local store, interested in showing your products especially to locals. In this type of communication, posts can be written first-hand, as far as practically in the staff.

When does it make sense to entrust it to a dedicated person?

When your business is aimed at a national audience, beyond the local one. This is the case for eCommerce companies or companies that aim to become a recognized brand.

Is it as simple as it sounds? It depends on the image of you that you want to communicate to your potential customers. On Facebook can write and publish anyone, the difference lies in how, in detail, in tone of voice, in what to publish, and when to publish.

Good communication and clear ideas also serve appropriate materials. On Facebook count creatives : videos, gifs, collages, carousels, memes, canvas, quotes and maxims, collections … there are so many ways to be eye-catching and reassuring users. Last but not least, photography, the undisputed queen of social. The pictures that attract more are those contextualized, where you can see the product in its natural environment: a furnished home, a dress worn, a table fed with food. You can also use the classic slimy photos that are found in every eCommerce, but playing with custom colors or backgrounds.

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The need to sponsor in Facebook: Organic coverage

There are millions of registered peoples on Facebook. People who share thoughts, photos, links every day. In addition to people, however, there are also many companies struggling to attract the attention of the user, sponsorship is necessary if you want to reach a certain audience, increase fans, and interact.

The organic reach of a single post ranges from about 5% to about 30% of page fans, meaning that not all fans of our page see the post we publish. Organic coverage also tends to decrease when published content is a link (a content that takes the user out of Facebook) and when it does not look interesting, thus receiving few interactions.

A good way to naturally grow organic content is to create interesting content with creativity dedicated to the target audience, but even in this case without sponsorship you do not go far. Creativity helps the organic reach, but investing in ads can reach more people.

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Sponsoring on Facebook is necessary if you want to achieve results and if you want to value the editorial work that is done. What are the types of sponsorship present? Let’s see it here …

Sponsoring on Facebook: Goals and modes

On Facebook are 2 goals that a company can have: make branding and get conversions.

Branding objective

The ideal campaigns to do branding are the campaigns to sponsor posts with the goal of the interaction, so: like, share, view photos, click on the link (if any).

What are the posts that you can create on Facebook and then sponsor?

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Photographic Group
  • Link to external website: 1 photo or carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Gif

As mentioned above, the results are more powerful if creativity is original and captivating.

Another type of campaign to do branding is the Like Campaigns. Whether or not similar campaigns are useful depends on the type of company and communication strategy, in any case what to look for is targeting. The goal is like, but the next step is to post (and sponsor them) that reflect our company and our target. If we are a company that only sells, it makes sense to have thousands of Asian fans?

For the same reason, it is best to avoid packing fans: they are not targeting and may disappear during one of the “great cleaning” of Facebook.

Among other campaigns to make branding Facebook also recommends Visits to the Point of Sale and Notoriety of the brand : by type the campaign is similar to the one like, but without the “advantage” of the like. Personally after testing them, I prefer to continue using other campaigns to give the brand a look at the results. For example, for a company that wanted to sponsor a new training session, with the goal of pure branding, we created a video designed for Facebook. Sponsored has generated more than satisfactory results.

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Goal Conversions

For conversion we can understand online shopping, lead collection, or achieving a goal (such as downloading a pdf).

Facebook offers several tools to achieve these goals …

  • Click campaign site
  • Conversion campaign
  • Contact generation campaign

The campaigns clicks to the site and conversions are similar in the way, but changing lenses: a, Facebook optimized to increase traffic on the site; in the other with its algorithm optimizes to look for people who can be more portable and generate conversion (which can be an online purchase or lead).

As with posts, even in this case more creative ads are more attracting the attention of the users. The creatives you can use are …

  • Photography (Rectangular Size)
  • Carousel
  • Video
  • Canvas
  • Collection (mobile only and after creating the product catalog)

Instead, the contact generation campaign is very different in the presentation: appearance seems to be a click on the site, but once opened, a form already pre-compiled with the person’s data appears.

It is very useful when you want to get contacts for your business, to be contacted at a later time. User side is straightforward and straightforward, the administrator side needs more attention: every time you need to download contacts and reconnect them or put them in a database. There are solutions that facilitate the job, but are paid.

When is it good to use it? It depends on the cases. I personally used it for different sectors and with different goals: collecting contact newsletters, collecting contacts for a special offer, collecting contacts for particular initiatives. It was not always a good choice, even with very low costs, but in others it was great to be included in the strategy.

What kind of sponsorship do I choose for my company?

There is no unique answer to this question. It depends on the budget you want to invest, the type of business, and your goal. Most importantly, remember that Facebook is just one of the elements of web marketing, and is to be considered within the overall marketing strategy.

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