Business Card Designs which are set to Impress

Business cards have been around for many, many years. They make a great way to ensure you always have your contact details and important company information close-by and ready to hand over to a potential client or business acquaintance with seconds notice. It’s much quicker and easier to hand a business card over in passing and then make a connection later, than it is to stop and physically note down each other’s contact details.

In order to make the most from your business cards you need them to stand out, if they don’t stand out when they’re not going to do the job you want them to. To give you an idea of what you need to accomplish to get your design to stand out, I have found a bunch of great samples which I’ve included in this post for your inspiration.

Hopefully, these awesome examples have given you some great fresh and creative ideas which you can take away and incorporate into a design for your own business cards.

If this post has made you realize that you need to get some custom printed business cards for your business then I have great news for you! It’s very, very easy to do! NextDayFlyers can print your own custom business cards from as little as $12.95 for 100, that works out at just 12c per card, and the more you buy the cheaper you get them! You have all sorts of great choices as to what thickness card you would like to use, whether you want to use full-color front and back or just on the front, a selection of different coatings and finishes, as well as the option to go for rounded corner business cards instead of the standard rectangle business cards – this is a great way to help your card stand out a little bit more.

Not only do you get all of these great choices and customizations for your card, but you can rest assured that your order is in safe hands with an established printing company who successfully print and ship millions of flyers to their customers on a monthly basis, each and every month!

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