Astounding Examples of Quality Business Card Design

Business cards are used by thousands of people, all around the world, for all sorts of reasons, and on a daily basis. It’s no longer just large businesses, CEO’s and directors who carry business cards; these days anybody who offers some kind of service, product or information tends to have a business card – no matter how big, or how small their setup.

A business card is an essential tool if you’re in business; it allows you an effortless way to extend all of your vital contact information, as well as critical information about yourself (the company you’re representing, the service you offer, your position in the company etc) to a potential customer simply by handing them your card.

This is convenient in all sorts of instances, and great for networking at events, seminars and group sessions. Bloggers have even started to get on the business card wagon, it’s the perfect way for them to share their blog with people that they meet and interact with. Rather than the individual having to try and remember the website URL, or write it down, they take it away on a very neat looking business card. This also adds a realm of professionalism, if you have a business card then it implies that you’re serious about what you do, which could lead to great results.

There are literally millions of business card designs out there, but as with anything, some are better than others. I’ve rounded up a collection of some of the most astonishing business cards I’ve seen this year and listed them for your inspiration. Enjoy:

Hopefully you found as much inspiration out of these examples as I did. I like to refresh my business card every 6 months or so, and I’ve got some awesome ideas on how to do that the next time around, thanks to some of the examples I gave you above!

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Author Bio: Nathan Daniels is a regular contributor of technology, print and design articles to this blog and other top blogs around the web. When he’s not blogging he enjoys travelling around the US, and skiing.

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