Amazing Examples of Effective Business Card Designs

Business cards are the number one choice for millions of businesses, sole traders, groups and individuals to distribute contact information, make new connections, and help market their businesses. They are cheap to produce, globally recognizable, easy to store, and provide ample space to house all of your businesses essential information.

Gone are the days where it was just high rolling CEO’s and managers who carried business cards, now-a-days you will find day care workers, dog walkers, babysitters, gardeners and all sorts of individuals and sole traders providing services have business cards now too. This is partly due to the fact that they are so cost-effective. You can order business cards and have them printed in double sided color on high quality paper for less than 30 cents per card.

You’ve probably been handed business cards yourself in the past, and if you haven’t I’m sure you’ve seen one before. One problem that they have is that far too many of them look far too similar! In order to get the best results from your business card you need to make it stand out. If your card stands out, and shows creativity, then people will assume the same about your product or service – in the same way they would assume you were nothing special if your business card wasn’t anything special or unique. So, to combat that you need to make sure your business card looks fantastic, and to help you in doing so, I have rounded up some incredible examples of business cards and listed them below for your inspiration.

Hopefully these examples have given you a few ideas of your own. Remember, the more creative you can be with your designs the better results you will see.

If you’re still finding yourself lacking ideas, or if you’re still not sure what it is that makes an effective business card, then try going back through the inspiration in this post, but this time take notes about what first draws your attention to each design, and which designs stand out the most to you – and why. You should then have a good starting point of attention grabbing elements which you can incorporate into your own designs.

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