11 innovative marketing ideas for small businesses with tight budgets

innovative marketing ideas

Your small business does not need to break the bank to start marketing. With a rising marketing landscape, there are many profitable and innovative marketing ideas that you can use to increase the awareness of your business products or services. Multiple companies believe that a marketing strategy must be wide-ranging to ensure visibility competitors. To put an end to this belief, here we try to explain 11 innovative marketing ideas for your small businesses with tight budgets.

Here are 11 innovative marketing ideas

# 1 – Referral Program

innovative marketing ideasA referral program is a great innovative marketing ideas a resource to motivate people to become advocates for your business product and service. The main advantage of a recommendation program is that you can use the existing client file to find new ones. A referral program is a broad concept that includes affiliation programs, referral programs, and partnership programs. So you choosing the type of recommendation program to deploy for your business, it is essential to choose the right variant. After choosing which type of referral program to use, increase awareness by asking people to invite friends.

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# 2 – Content Marketing

innovative marketing ideas

Creating and publishing valuable and relevant content gives you the ability to connect traffic to your website and enhancement customer acquisition. Content marketing is quite broad and gives you many options: Blog posts, e-book, webinars, white papers, podcasts, case studies, videos … to be organized through a strategical content marketing plan. This last point is most important if you want content marketing to affect your business. Creating valuable content is a good thing, but if you do not attract any traffic to it, you’ll miss the opportunity to really take advantage of the power of innovative marketing ideas for your content marketing. For instance, you can start by creating a social media content calendar to organize your content marketing plan. Our social media marketers swear by their content schedule to ensure that our content is delivered on the right way. So content marketing is most innovative marketing ideas for your small business.

# 3 – Organize a Meetup event

A ” Meetup ” is an informal, free event that any small business or organization, or any small group of people, can organize. These events are great opportunities to grow your network of offline users, as well as boost your brand awareness and knowledge of your products or services. Events have demonstrated positive effects on customer relationships and improved the visibility of your business, locally and globally.

# 4 – Email marketing

innovative marketing ideas

Email is a cheap way to marketing your content and products directly into people’s hands if they view them on their mobile device. The myth of the e-mail condemned to disappear was swept again and again by the user data. E-mail is also not technical: small businesses can easily implement e-mail campaigns using tools such as Mail Chimp. You can use e-mail to make additional sales to your customers, make them aware of new products and strategies, and inform them of upcoming events. You can also set up a newsletter system. In addition, e-mails do not consume paper: a monthly subscription MailChimp is resolutely geared towards sustainable development and you save money!

# 5 – Team up with your partners and other your business related

Teaming up with your partners and business related means twice as much your business awareness. It may be working with your partners on a case study or event. For example, Google teamed up with its small business partners to organize small events to promote the products of both parties.

# 6 – Join groups and forums

innovative marketing ideas

LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, groups and Google+ communities are just a few examples of the many online forums and groups you can join. Interacting with these online communities allows you to enrich your online network and create new prospects. Sharing your vision and participating in conversations brings credibility and increases trust in your brand. When it makes sense, you can also add a link to your website or blog so that people can learn more about your business.

For example, when an article is published, feel free to search for a LinkedIn group or Google+ community related to the topic. Then create interaction by integrating a link to the blog post likely to answer any question raised by the subject.

# 7 – Support for a non-profit organization

Non-profit organizations are always looking for finance, whether in-kind or financial. For small businesses with a tight budget, a sponsor in kind is more relevant than a financial sponsor. Sponsoring a nonprofit organization increases your reach and gives you the opportunity to put your product in the hands of new customers. For example, you can finance a regional marketing organization if marketers are your target audience. If these marketing organizations organize monthly or semi-annual events, this allows you to sponsor them several times.

# 8 – Speak at events

innovative marketing ideas

Events during which you can speak, whether large or small, offer you the opportunity to raise awareness of your products, services, and industry. Whether it’s talking to students, attending a MeetUp event or a major conference, always agree to participate as a speaker. In addition to being great for developing your speaking skills, it’s also an opportunity to put your brand on the front burner.

# 9 – Introduce yourself at prices

Nominating for a professional award is a profitable public relation initiative for your company. It also validates your identity as a brand and adds credibility to your business. You can apply for local awards such as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Presenting at these prices puts your company on the same footing as some of the biggest players in your industry and puts your brand in the limelight, in front of people you would not necessarily have reached using other marketing tactics.

# 10 – Search Engine Optimization or SEO

innovative marketing ideas

Search engine optimization is an effective process that increases the visibility of your website or web page in free (organic) search engines. In conjunction with content marketing, optimizing your content for search engines increases brand awareness, directs traffic to your website, and reaches out to competitors to win new customers. potential. The SEO technique allows you to appear in search engines following a search on terms without the need to pay for an ad.

# 11 – Digital Marketing

In recent times, one of the most profitable marketing tactics is digital marketing. It’s about using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more to put your business forward socially. The benefits of social media for the company are numerous. Used wisely, digital marketing can contribute to the success and growth of many areas of your business. For example, social media can help you reach new customers beyond your geographic location, promote content and events, interact with your subscribers, analyze what’s going on in your marketplace and in your homes. competitors, to establish the credibility of your company and many other advantages …

Do you have other cheap innovative marketing ideas for small businesses? Add them in the comments below!

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