Breakfast Business:10 Ideas to Sell Breakfast Business

Breakfast Business

We present 10 ideas to sell breakfast business and generate good income. Take advantage of your talent for cooking and start up this business plan related to meals.

Why sell breakfast?

The breakfasts are quicker and easier to prepare. If we compare them with a lunch, we can realize that it takes less time and less ingredients; this makes it an economic and part-time venture.


A home breakfast business is the main plan I want to present to you. The reasons are presented in the following ideas:

Breakfast Business

1. Why breakfast business at home?

You save a huge amount of money, by not having to pay the rent of a local. Learn other ideas to save money on entrepreneurship . Continue reading: How to sell a product: 6 Steps if you have no experience in sales

2. Surprise breakfast sale:

You will not sell a normal breakfast. Your product will be an exclusive quality package, a product that will be delivered as a surprise breakfast to a special person on an unforgettable occasion.

3. Breakfasts for special parties :

These breakfasts are very requested for birthday days, mother’s days, wedding anniversaries or anniversaries of courtship, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. It is an unforgettable gift that a person wants to give to a loved one.

4. Sale prices of a special breakfast :

As this is a product with exclusive ingredient and decoration, it is usually sold at a good price. Between $ 10 and $ 50 dollars depending on the details it contains; leaving yields of almost 50%. Learn here how to define a sale price .

5. How to distribute the breakfasts?

You will need a fast means of transport like a motorcycle. You can hire a third party to take care of this work. The delivery service must be with all honors: treatment from king to final customer .

6. How many breakfasts can be sold?

In this business model, three to seven daily breakfasts are usually sold. It seems little, but in fact with this amount good profits are achieved virtue to the good prices that we described in the previous point.

7. Agreements with companies :

A good strategy in making agreements with companies to become the official distributor of the gift that companies give their employees the birthday day.

8. Limited quota management :

Order, synchronization and punctuality are the key to breakfast business plan, it handles a limited quota with which you can fulfill the delivery of orders and optimize time to the maximum, for this you read the law of Pareto . The idea is that this work does not take more than three hours a day.

9. How to advertise the business?

Start promoting your service on social networks; your friends and family will be your evangelizers. Later you can create a web page where customers can place orders.

10. Decoration and components:

Decoration will be preponderant to give that touch of exclusivity that makes your product is valued and well paid. The decoration depends on the theme of breakfast : Children, picnic, mother’s day, breakfast for manager, romantic breakfast. The components or ingredient are described in the following section.


The surprise breakfasts for special occasions should stand out as much in their content as in their presentation or decoration. Both the customer who makes the purchase, and who receives this wonderful gift , should notice an added value, on this second person should be dazzled with what they see and what their palate tastes. Having said that, let’s see the most important components to put together a breakfast:

Breakfast Business

  • Wicker basket for breads
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Eggs to taste
  • Quality bread
  • Coffee, tea or favorite beverage
  • Tablecloth
  • Teddy
  • A flower
  • Luxury cheese
  • Cake
  • Balloons
  • A heart
  • A chocolate bar
  • A card with a good message.
  • A personalized glass
  • Luxury napkins

Selling breakfast business idea that lends itself to your entrepreneurial creativity afloat. It requires little time and little monetary investment. It is also, a Great Business.

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