10 ideas for entrepreneurship with creative business

Who said that starting your own business had to be done with boring models? Know these disruptive options to do it.
1. Stand Up Workshops
This type of live comedy show in which a person is presented on a stage with a monologue of everyday experiences and self-criticism is gaining ground. If you have experience in the performing arts, take advantage of it and organize weekly sessions to teach how to write a monologue, manage the energy of the audience and produce a show. The workshop ends with the presentation of the works before an audience and offers your services of private shows to companies.
2. Comic book creation classes
The comic or cartoon technique represents one of the most popular drawing genres among young people. In Mexico there is a large number of artists who do not have a space to professionalize their technique. If you know this art and the type of narrative that is used in the comic, you can teach comic books and ask your aspiring samples of their drawings; this to classify them by level (basic, intermediate or advanced). Diversify your offer with other techniques such as manga.
3. School of Skateboarding
From being a simple pastime, the practice of skateboarding has become a professional activity; even in the country there is the Mexican Association of Skaters (AMPA) to encourage the construction of tracks and the organization of events. If you are an experienced skater or you develop in this environment, invest in the creation of a skateboarding school to give courses to children, youth and adults throughout the year and on vacation. Design a program with theoretical and practical classes and include risk control techniques.
4. 3D printing
This idea consists of offering the impression of solid three-dimensional objects of clay, resin, glass or even chocolate, by means of software that transforms any digital model. The market is on the rise: the consulting firm AT Kearney foresees an increase of up to 25% per year for 2020 with a value of US $ 17,200 million. The first key to start a 3D printing studio is to have knowledge in engineering and design, because it will be easier to serve your customers, who can be technological savvy and want to experiment or those who want to take advantage of this innovation in their business (as in the automotive or medical industry). You can purchase the printer by means of a license or equipment rental.
5. Online music courses
If you know how to play an instrument and want a software that transforms any digital model. You can charge for class or full course – once paid, you release the content for a specific period of time for the student to take the lessons. Your potential customers are people who prefer to buy digitally and spend time surfing the Internet. Therefore, promote your business through online platforms, social networks and digital marketing.
6. Running for groups and companies
It is estimated that in Mexico six million people have the habit of running, either to stay in shape or to participate in races, according to Run Mexico. This market is knowledgeable and demanding. Conquer them with customized trainings for groups of runners and companies; this in order to promote group integration or as training for careers. Classify the participants by level of physical condition (initial, medium and advanced) and objectives. You can use the facilities of a public park and convene through social networks.
7. Buy used books
Create a space where reading enthusiasts share their books through the purchase-sale. Your job will be to make transactions with the owners and buyers, but also to get the place to display the books. To set the costs of each degree, use your knowledge in literature. It offers personalized attention and offers the option of collecting books at home. If your budget allows, consider buying complete libraries to have a better price.
8. Professional photography for pets
We all take pictures of our pets; however, a selfie is not the same as a photo taken during a more careful session in a studio or outdoors. If you have the skills of a photographer and you are a pet lover, this idea is for you. Create a professional service focused on pets; Do your sessions in a studio or in your everyday environment. As an added value, it offers video behind cameras, large format printing and includes photos with its owner and alone.
9. Fantasy football league
It is no secret that the passion for football reaches the whole world. Only FIFA has more affiliated countries than the UN and, according to consultancy De La Riva, Mexican soccer represents 0.7% of the country’s GDP. If you are a sports fan, organize a fantasy league according to your favorite tournament. It is about creating a website or app , where the subscriber can register a team with 11 players of all those who participate in the real tournament and, according to their performance in the matches, they will go up and get points. At the end of the tournament, whoever accumulates more points with their players, will be awarded prizes such as t-shirts or gift cards for digital stores.
10. Organization of Tours to concerts
Music has no limits and the best way to meet new bands is to tour festivals. You who like music and love to travel, start with the organization of tours to concerts. You can start with events within the country such as Vive Latino or Corona Capital, to test your market. Later, it integrates international festivals such as Coachella. Expand your offer with tours to film or fashion festivals. It offers payment plans in installments and seeks alliances with airlines and hotels.

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