10 Business Ideas to Work from Home

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Are you a mom or dad staying home?   Do you want to launch a business dream or just bring some extra money? Well here are 10 business ideas to work from home. Internet based business working from home is difficult but possible. It is a fact that the companies are beginning to outsource services that can be done from home and that many great projects began to forge from the home of the entrepreneur. But what kind of business you can develop from home?

Here we present some business ideas and considerations for those who stay at home, even if it’s summer, it’s always a good time to make money!

Business Ideas for Working from Home:


Perhaps the easiest way of business is to be freelance. Whatever your skill – content writing, web designing, business marketing, photography, tax advisor – being a freelancer offers a lot of flexibility and freedom, and you can start with little cost and little paperwork. Many independent workers start by contacting their former boss or past clients who could get benefited from their business services and expose their new employment status. As a freelancer, you only charge when you work for the company or client you will get cheaper because you will only be invoiced for the work done. You can also contact companies that work in your branch and offer your services for when they are saturated you have some work. For them, it is cheaper than hiring more people when the work goes up. For example,

Being a freelance you have to accept challenges and lot of discipline. After all, you’re running a business. Common freelancers’ mistakes are not establishing the business correctly and legally (they do not make things easy for you but they will almost always ask you for an invoice), do not book the money for tax payments or have not planned to peaks and valleys in their cash flow.

Virtual Assistants (AV):

AVs can deliver a vast variety of “virtual” services to other businesses, such as administrative, marketing, and technical support for a home office. Both self-employed and companies are looking for continuous cost savings. A masonry company, for example, can save a person who is always in the office giving this work to someone who from their own home can manage the calls and agendas when there is nobody in the office. These virtual assistants are becoming more and more prevalent and growing in popularity as companies seek to reduce costs and outsource administrative functions.

If you are organized and have administrative training, this could come in handy. Contact people who may be interested and offer this service. You can put a test time. If you do it right and save money to the company you already have work. Start with people you know.

Make money with blogs:

Yes, you can make money with blogs. There are many fashion blogs, for example, from moms who stay at home. They are bloggers who are gaining in popularity with what they write and they end up creating a loyal community that is very interesting for brands. If you like to write and you are passionate about a specific topic that you know will have an interest (I say fashion as I could say pastry, DIY, crafts, marketing …), then you could dedicate to writing a blog.

In the form of affiliate marketing, you can generate some good income and also from advertising on your website or from companies that ask you to write a post about their products. For this, you have to bring traffic who visits your website from social networks, other blogs of the same subject with which you can contact … etc.

If you want to know more download our e-book create a blog from scratch. And if you want, you can see our entry “successful blogs to inspire “where you will see people who started from nowhere and now lives, and very well, their blogs.

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Start a Creative Business:

It may be the manufacturer of gift items (cool craft is fashionable), a certain type of costume jewelry, or interior design consultation services. If you have a creative vein and space to store and create, consider offering that talent you have inside. Research a little and identify a niche market that is not yet very exploited. You have to make a small Business Plan to see what your competitors are, what they do not offer, prices … Doing it from home is going to give you a competitive advantage because you’re going to save on the spot. Your place is your home. As an option, you can sell one day a week at flea markets.

Opening a website is also cheap and is a sales channel, which if you know how to take it, can give you great benefits. Check our post to turn your web into an online store with woo-commerce and you will see that it is very easy to sell over the internet.

Gastronomy from home:

Household food production is heavily regulated, but it is not impossible. Before starting a business related to home food you have to keep up with all the rules and permits for the production of food for public consumption in the home. It’s not that complicated. For example, you need a separate kitchen, food handler card, an inspector to check your house … Making cakes, cupcakes for neighborhood people or friends and even caterings can be a way to get started. If you live in a university area students may prefer your homemade food, cheaper and made with more fondness than the bar.

Nursery at home:

Establishing a day care home is a lucrative and seems to a long-lasting business. Parents often prefer a home environment, rather than a daycare. If you like small children this can be a good deal. We all know that the first years of a baby in the nursery are complicated because he is usually sick at home longer than in the “keep”. If you do well, parents may prefer that you take care of them to go to day care. Word of mouth is also fundamental here.

Of course, this is a much-regulated business and you have to make sure you comply with all the rules regarding food supply, little space needed for per child, and the number of workers per child you need. Find out why it is not impossible if you do not want to have many children.

Resale of products:

If you want to sell or resell products you do not have to mount an e-commerce that requires a strong investment and enough preparation. If what you want to sell are articles that you or your friends or neighbors no longer serve or no longer use but are in good condition you can do it through E-bay, Amazon, Wallapop or any other online store. I can think of things like children Carts, backpacks, toys or even clothes that are in perfect condition for how little they have been used. You can get a good margin if you sell it online. You can also buy products that are hard to find or expensive in your home market and resell them in one of these stores. Some technological product, for example.

Walking and pet care:

If you like animals this is a business that you can launch with very little investment and almost without moving from your home. Walking pets for someone who is all day at work is not easy. Giving them food, cutting their hair, cleaning cages or fish tanks is something you can take care of. Taking care of them during a weekend or a vacation when the owners cannot take them can also be a good source of income. The animal residences are expensive and the same are better with you.

You can register on the dogbuddy page and sign up to take care of dogs or host dogs when their owners go outside. Caregivers are claimed by proximity by zip code. The average price is usually around $ 12 per night, depending on the city. If you like animals are a good way to start earning something with your love for animals.

Travel agent:

Most trips are already booked online. But there are many people who are still suspicious or do not know very well how to look and how it works. Or they just do not have time to get on the internet to see that weekend or which company has the best deal for that trip they are craving. You can offer to find the best trip and the best hotel at the best price. You present dates and prices for them to choose.

If you contact a company that makes many trips, you are interested in outsourcing that service and forget about the topic, why look for the best deals on hotels, car rental … costs a lot of time. Practically you only pay, because what you can save them in the trip is what you can charge them.

Event planning:

Organizing an event is a real headache for the time you spend on the phone contact with each other. At a wedding or family event, at a conference or at a business conference there are many aspects that you have to take into account and many changes that occur from the idea arise of the celebration until it is celebrated. See the places of accomplishment, attendees, menus, activities outside the events … many hours of telephone that just the people or companies prefer to delegate to take advantage of that time in other things of their business.

These are 10 business ideas to work from home that we will develop over the next few weeks, giving you information, but that can serve as a starting point, because they do not require a great financial outlay and because you can start small. The important thing is not to stand still. As we said at the beginning there are many businesses that started at home and that little by little they were becoming big business. So try and get to work and, you know, if you think this article may interest you, please share it!

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